Ira Levy

Founder, Buffalo Wings and Beer

My desire to create Buffalo Wings and Beer grew out of my love of sports and a yearning for great buffalo wings.  I felt that there was a lack of good sports bars in the area.  I wanted to create that neighborhood kind of place with a friendly crowd, where a person could spend time watching sports and also have great food and beer at decent prices.

When I saw a restaurant go out of business near my home in Gaithersburg, I decided it was time to put the wheels in motion.  I gathered some friends in my small townhouse kitchen and started using them as my hot sauce guinea pigs.  After numerous batches of sauce and other foods the original recipes were finalized.  The first restaurant was opened in August of 1995.  The concept was very simple.  Offer great food and drinks at an affordable price in an atmosphere that is welcoming to anyone.  I like to think of it as a gathering place for the sports oriented.  

The idea seems to have worked out and Buffalo Wings and Beer is celebrating close to 20 years in business.  BWB has won many awards for wings including a few wins at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York.  The awards are great, but what matters most is our customers.  Most of our customers are regulars; some of whom are there every day.  BWB has all types of customers from ones wearing business suits to others in work boots.  We strive to have a friendly and hardworking staff.  There is a big family type feeling with all our staff and customers.  Some great friendships have developed at our restaurants.  

The wings are obviously wonderful, but we also have great crab cakes and ribs as well as cheese steaks and char-grilled burgers.   Our soups and chili’s are homemade.  We offer a wide variety of bottle and draft beer.  We have a great happy hour.  You can come in and have a great lunch or dinner or you can come to watch a game or play some pool with friends.  Come on in and check us out.