Wings, please: Five great places to find the fantastic finger food

By Jordan Edwards | Staff Writer/The Gazette

With football consuming our weekends, and autumn just over the horizon, it's a great time to talk about wings. Although chains like Buffalo Wild Wings are creeping into the area, plenty of locally owned restaurants are worthy of your patronage. Here are a few suggestions.

Buffalo Wings & Beer

8035-C Snouffer School Road, Gaithersburg (plus seven other locations)

Straightforward name, straightforward menu. Owner Ira Levy takes pride in the size of his wings and a recent victory at the National Buffalo Wing Festival. The sweet and tangy sauce —one of the more unique flavors out there—took first-place in the Creative Sweet category. The chain will soon sell their sauces in supermarkets, so you can take some of the trophy-winning flavor home.

The basic hot Rooster sauce at Buffalo Wings & Beer has milder versions (chick and hen) and spicier mixes all the way up to Insane Cock. In the background, Sweet and Tangy can cut down on the heat.